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Easy Ways to Improve Your Table Manners - Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 21

23 мес. назад

If you want to approach your table in style, follow these tips courtesy of Simon Kim, owner of Piora. For more dining and drinking tips, subscribe to Zagat: ...

How To: Serve & Drink Absinthe Correctly

53 мес. назад

You'll find absinthe at most high-end cocktail bars around the country, but at-home mixologists don't have to miss out on the boozy fun. Zagat editor Chris Walsh ...

This California Factory is Dedicated to Making Fresh Tofu Daily - Staples, Episode 21

6 мес. назад

Tofu is a popular ingredient in many cuisines, but not everyone knows how this jelly like substance is made. Zagat went behind the scenes with Koki Sato, owner ...

How To: Make Authentic Buffalo Chicken Wings

33 мес. назад

The Buffalo natives behind Smorgasburg stand Dan and John's Wings school us in the art of authentic spicy chicken wings. Find more how-to videos and ...

Bizarre Bites: Kamayan Night at Jeepney

55 мес. назад

Zagat's Jacqueline Wasilczyk takes you inside Kamayan Night at New York City's Jeepney, one of the Big Apple's only Filipino restaurants. For this meal, guests ...

How To: Make Non-Alcoholic Cocktails (Mocktails)

50 мес. назад

If you're not in the mood to drink alcohol, you should still be able to have something other than root beer at the bar. Behold the mocktail, a non-alcoholic drink ...

How to Eat Shabu-Shabu - Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 15

25 мес. назад

Cooking meat and vegetables tableside doesn't have to be intimidating. For more food videos, subscribe to Zagat: http://goo.gl/AaWZHT.

Brazilian Steakhouses - Stop Doing it Wrong, Episode 43

11 мес. назад

When it comes to Brazilian steakhouses aka churrascarias, knowing when to stop filling up your plate can be tricky. Let our expert at Churrascaria Plataforma ...

How to Break Down and Eat Crabs - Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 9

28 мес. назад

Breaking down a crab can actually be quite easy if you follow these steps from the pros at Brooklyn's The Crabby Shack. Subscribe to Zagat's YouTube channel ...

How to Open and Pour Wine - Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 11

26 мес. назад

Opening a bottle of wine = easy, at least when you follow these tips from NYC wine guru Patrick Cappiello (Pearl & Ash). Just be warned, if you're popping open ...

Off-the-Grid: Dining at a Ninja-Themed Restaurant in NYC

48 мес. назад

Watch out for sharp objects when you visit NYC's ninja-themed restaurant, which takes theme dining to a new level. In this video, we stopped by with JonTron ...

This is How Prosciutto is Made - Staples, Episode 13

13 мес. назад

At La Quercia in Norwalk, Iowa, Herb and Kathy Eckhouse have perfected prosciutto making, a meat-curing process that the Italians have been using for ...

This Is Where Real Wasabi Comes From (What You're Eating Is Fake) - Staples, Episode 8

22 мес. назад

Frog Eyes Wasabi is one of only a handful of American farms growing authentic, water-grown wasabi. Zagat visited the Oregon coast to find out how owners ...

Step Inside the Brooklyn Sandwich Shop Dedicated to Fermented Meats - NYC Dining Spotlight, Ep. 19

7 мес. назад

A salumeria is store that specializes in selling cured meats, but not everyone is going to the lengths that founder and head butcher John Ratliff is to create great ...

How is Maple Syrup Made? - Staples, Episode 2

29 мес. назад

In our Staples series, we show you the stories behind the ingredients you probably take for granted. First up: maple syrup. For more videos, subscribe to Zagat's ...

Meet the Inmates of Fife and Drum, a Restaurant Redefining Prison Food - Zagat Documentaries, Ep. 38

5 мес. назад

At Fife and Drum restaurant at the Northeastern Correctional Center in Massachusetts, inmates are spending their time in a unique culinary arts program.

A Rare Type of Popcorn is Being Grown in Iowa - Staples, Episode 15

12 мес. назад

At Tiny But Mighty Popcorn, Gene Mealhow and his family are harvesting a rare, "ancient heirloom" popcorn that dates back centuries. The small food brand has ...

This Washington State Farm is Harvesting the Ocean's Ugliest Clam - Zagat Documentaries, Episode 29

14 мес. назад

Despite its odd shape, geoduck (pronounced "gooey duck") is to Washington State what lobster is to Maine for many local chefs and restaurants like Brian ...

A Day in the Life: The King of Bacon

27 мес. назад

In our A Day in the Life series, we take a peek into the daily lives of the most interesting people in the food world. In this episode, Zagat and The Huffington Post ...

NBA Stadium Chef: Meet the Man Who Feeds 20,000 Golden State Warriors' Fans - Food People, Ep 22

17 мес. назад

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson might own the court, but in the kitchen of Oakland's Oracle Arena, Executive Chef Tim Radack and his team are the stars.

Caviar in North Carolina? Behind the Scenes at a U.S. Sturgeon Farm - Made in the USA, Episode 16

22 мес. назад

Atlantic Caviar and Sturgeon raises prehistoric fish and harvests their caviar in rural North Carolina. Zagat visited the farm to get a inside look at this unique (and ...