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Steven Carter

Gaeton Fonzi on David Atlee Phillips

35 мес. назад

Gaeton Fonzi discusses the role of David Atlee Phillips, a.k.a. Maurice Bishop, in anti-Castro activities and the assassination of President Kennedy.

JFK Speech at Amherst College - October 26th, 1963

46 мес. назад

President John F. Kennedy's speech at Amherst College in Massachusetts, in honor of the late poet Robert Frost. In this speech, President Kennedy made clear ...

Penn Jones, Jr. on the Strange Deaths Surrounding The JFK Kennedy Assassination

40 мес. назад

Penn Jones, Jr. was the author of the Forgive My Grief series of books on the JFK Assassination.

Michael Parenti on Preserving the Status Quo

46 мес. назад

Michael Parenti is an American social critic. His speech criticizes the elite circles behind the Kennedy assassination and the intellectual circles who refuse to ...

Gaeton Fonzi on George De Mohrenschildt

35 мес. назад

Gaeton Fonzi discusses George De Mohrenschildt's career as a successful oil geologist, his relationships with Lee Harvey Oswald and H.L. Hunt, his potential ...

Bruce Campbell Adamson on George de Mohrenschildt and Abraham Zapruder

40 мес. назад

Bruce Campbell Adamson discusses the intelligence connections of George de Mohrenschildt and Abraham Zapruder.

Peter Levenda on Allen Dulles and the Paine Family

35 мес. назад

Peter Levenda discusses Allen Dulles' relationship with Mary Bancroft whose best friend was Ruth Forbes Young, the mother of Michael Paine whose ex-wife ...

Gaeton Fonzi on The Last Investigation

35 мес. назад

Gaeton Fonzi was the editor of Philadelphia Magazine from 1959 to 1972. He was hired as a researcher by the Church Committee and the House of ...

Penn Jones, Jr. on Dialogue Conspiracy with Mae Brussell

40 мес. назад

Penn Jones, Jr. interviewed by fellow JFK Assassination research Mae Brussell (Carmel, CA) on February 24th, 1975.

Gaeton Fonzi on the JFK Assassination as an Intelligence Operation

35 мес. назад

Gaeton Fonzi explains the logistics of President Kennedy's assassination as an intelligence operation in which roles are compartmentalized and objectives are ...

Vincent Salandria on McGeorge Bundy's Obstruction of Justice

39 мес. назад

David Ratcliff reads an excerpt from Vincent Salandria's speech The JFK Assassination: A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes. For the full text of the speech, ...

L. Fletcher Prouty on The Secret Team - Part 1

40 мес. назад

Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty served as Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy.

Adam Gorightly on Kerry Thornley and Lee Harvey Oswald

40 мес. назад

Adam Gorightly discusses the life of counterculture author Kerry Thornley. Thornley and Lee Harvey Oswald became friends while stationed together at Marine ...

James Fetzer on Chauncey Holt

40 мес. назад

James Fetzer recalls Chauncey Holt's admission of his role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Holt claims to have created counterfeit ...