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Reno Air Races 2010 (Unlimited Gold)

82 мес. назад

Sadly, this heat on Saturday turned out to be the last race for the unlimiteds this year. The race was canceled on Sunday due to high winds.

Southern Pacific #2472 Run By

71 мес. назад

Awesome run by in Niles Canyon, California. Feel the power as the train shakes the ground my tripod rests on. From the Golden Gate railroad Museum Website ...

Jet Engine + Train + Giant Cliff = Fun

38 мес. назад

Havin some fun with the jet train in Train Simulator 2014. Looks like my highest recorded speed was 748mph, pretty close to Mach 1. I'm sure it would do it with a ...

Joe Pavelski: Tip Practice

69 мес. назад

San Jose Sharks. Joe Pavelski. Morning skate. (Nov. 5th 2011)

PDX water cannon salute for first Volaris arrival.

34 мес. назад

October 6th, 2014. Portland International Airport. Recorded on my old phone, apologies for the audio issues.

Stage Coach Robbery

85 мес. назад

We get robbed at gunpoint at Columbia State Historic Park in California.

SF Zoo Steam Train

81 мес. назад


#91 Heisler

84 мес. назад

Pulling into the station. Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad.


84 мес. назад

Finally! Ive been going to Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad for years and I finally got some footage of their 4th steam engine.

Fiero GT Maaco Job

85 мес. назад

Back in early 2008 I had my 88 Fiero GT painted.

Crazy Helicopter Pilot

86 мес. назад

Royal Gorge, Colorado. Skilled Heli-tour pilot no doubt. This is just a small portion of the ride. In This Video: Stacy.

EA-18G Growlers departing PDX

20 мес. назад

Beautiful afterburners! Thumbnail photo taken of the same event by Bill Shemley.

Distant Steam Train Whistle

76 мес. назад

Being a shay it took another half hour to actually get into the station lol.

SWA 737 arrives at PDX... transformer explodes in background.

6 мес. назад

Tonight's storm in Portland hitting hard. Southwest's last flight to arrive before the snow became overwhelming and everything was canceled. Note the blue flash ...

Hoonigan Racing HQ

39 мес. назад

Here for the ST Octane Academy reception on May 4th, 2014. I hope i'm not in trouble for filming the Raptor. It was just too epic to resist.

Road trip in 2 AMC Matadors

15 мес. назад

Nothing exciting to see here. Just a few minutes from near the beginning of our 18+ hour road journey between South Jordan, Utah and Winlock, Washington.

The first ever score at Levi's Stadium. A fan's perspective.

36 мес. назад

San Jose's Yannick Djalo scores from the edge of the box after a crisp pass from Chris Wondolowski in the 42nd minute at the inaugural game at Levi's Stadium ...

"American Empress" departs Astoria, Oregon

35 мес. назад

I've been on a sternwheeler before, but nothing quite this size. She really is a sight to be seen. Id book a trip if I could afford the extremely hefty price tag.

The "Peter Iredale"

36 мес. назад

The Peter Iredale was a four-masted steel barque sailing vessel that ran ashore October 25, 1906, on the Oregon coast en route to the Columbia River.

Our Gorgeous Freshwater Tank

68 мес. назад

I saw some green spotted puffers at walmart one day and decided I wanted to make a freshwater tank, but make everyone believe it was saltwater. Trouble was ...

Happy 100th Birthday #15!

8 мес. назад

Special birthday excursion on the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad's #15 locomotive.