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Google Chrome

Introducing the Chromebook

74 мес. назад

Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web, so you get a faster, simpler and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers.

Racer by Giorgio Moroder

50 мес. назад

The soundtrack to Racer: A Chrome Experiment (http://g.co/racer). Original music by Giorgio Moroder.

Google Chrome Speed Tests

87 мес. назад

These speed tests were filmed at actual web page rendering times. If you're interested in the technical details, read on! Equipment used: - Computer: MacBook ...

Chrome Multitask Mode

64 мес. назад

Now you can browse the web with two mice at the same time. Try it out at http://google.com/chrome/multitask.

JAM with Chrome

57 мес. назад

Play music live with your friends online! Try JAM now: http://jamwithchrome.com. An interactive web application that allows friends in different locations to play ...

Chromebook - Business and Education Overview

75 мес. назад

Learn more at: www.google.com/chromebook/business-education.html.

Chromebook - Security

75 мес. назад

Learn more at: www.google.com/chromebook.

Google Chrome & Security: Sandboxing

79 мес. назад

Learn more about how Chrome's sandboxing technology keeps you safer and more secure when you browse the web. Chrome is built with an added layer of ...

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

75 мес. назад

A father uses the web to share memories with his daughter as she grows up in this video depiction. Music by: Ingrid Michaelson Song: "Sort Of" Album ...

Everybody Chromercise

76 мес. назад

Fingers tired and achy after a long day browsing online? Chromercise is the finger fitness program you've been drumming the table for. Learn more at ...

Building the Web Together

50 мес. назад

From a humble beginning of static text, images, and links, the web has grown into a rich platform teeming with interactive content and powerful applications.

USB Type-C: A new standard for power, data and display

28 мес. назад

USB Type-C, one port for charging, data and display, now available with the new Chromebook Pixel. Learn more: http://www.chromebook.com/pixel.

Introducing ChromeVox

65 мес. назад

ChromeVox is a screen reader for Chrome which brings the speed, versatility, and security of Chrome to visually impaired users. To watch with audio description ...

What is Google Chrome OS?

92 мес. назад

Telling the story of Google Chrome and how it inspired an operating system. Produced by Epipheo Studios. Sign up to get updates about Google Chrome OS: ...

Chrome OS Guided Tour

62 мес. назад

A guided tour of Chrome OS. For more information, visit http://google.com/chromebook.

Google Chrome Developer Tools: The timeline panel

86 мес. назад

Learn how to use the timeline panel in Google Chrome's developer tools. For more information go to chomium.org/devtools.

Google Chrome Developer Tools: Profiling and optimizing

93 мес. назад

Learn how to use Google Chrome's developer tools to profile the execution time and memory usage of web app. Fro more information go to ...

Google Cloud Print Overview

71 мес. назад

Find out how Google Cloud Print makes it easier to print from wherever you are. Learn more at g.co/cloudprint.

Chrome for Android and iOS: Emojify the Web

40 мес. назад

The Chrome team is excited to announce Google Translate support for Emoji built directly into Chrome for Android and iOS. You can now read all your favorite ...

How to remain calm, despite what's about to happen to your Chrome notebook

79 мес. назад

Chrome UX designer Glen Murphy demonstrates some advantages of using a Chrome notebook. 25 computers were harmed in the making of this video.

The Wilderness Downtown: Behind the Scenes

72 мес. назад

A look behind the scenes on the HTML5 music experience written and directed by Chris Milk, with Arcade Fire and Google, www.thewildernessdowntown.com, ...